• Franchisors

    Every year a percentage of your franchisees need to sell. Common problems occur with most of these re-sales that produce headaches for all parties (including the franchisors corporate staff). Learn more about these common problems and how our program alleviates these problems.
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  • Sellers

    Every year a percentage of franchisees need to sell. Most never think about selling until they need to. Learn more about the common problems other franchisees face during the sale process and learn how our program alleviates these problems.
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  • Buyers

    When buying an existing franchise business, all buyers must meet certain requirements of the Seller, Franchisor, Lender and even Landlord. Learn more about the typical requirements and how we can help you BE THE FIRST TO KNOW of resale opportunities whose requirements you meet.
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About Us


We are a management consulting firm specializing in franchise re-sales (the buying and selling of existing franchise businesses).  We are a licensed real estate brokerage, business brokerage and Certified Business Intermediary through the world’s largest international business brokerage association, the IBBA.


We help franchisors, their franchisees (both sellers and buyers), franchise business buyers and all other parties related to the re-sale transaction.


We provide the franchisor with our proprietary methodology of franchise re-sales: a 5 Step Franchise Resale Program (a patent-pending defined resale program).  Our program brings transparency to the re-sale process; which helps educate and guide their franchisees and all parties through the re-sale transaction.  Utilizing our online application we are able to communicate amongst all parties more easily and more efficiently.  Our resale management team constantly helps improve the resale performance through the identification and analysis of existing organizational problems, provides industry “best practices” and recommendations for more effective and efficient ways of performing re-sale tasks.


At FranchiseClearly.com, we give sellers and buyers the opportunity to upload their complete profile.  The complete collection and distribution of all files in their profile simplifies the management of the resale process by taking the pain out of manually moving documents.  To help ensure the integrity and privacy of our profiles, every buyer and seller is prequalified by our Customer Care Team for completeness before posted to the site (Seller Profiles are consolidated and organized into a fashion that buyers want and need to review).  Utilizing our simple 5-Step Process to buying and selling a franchise business, we match each seller with each qualified buyer until a direct match is made.  All communication between profiles (buyers and sellers) happens through an “anonymous” email network.  The names and contact information of all Sellers and Qualified Buyers are kept confidential until the Buyer personally signs off on a non-disclosure (NDA) and decides to share their information with the Seller (potential match).  Once a match is made, our intermediaries continue to work through our sale process to the closing table.


Simplify the Franchise Resale Process!


To provide the franchisor with our 5 Step Franchise Resale Program: connecting their franchisees with qualified buyers by providing transparency to the process with effective education and efficient communication.


  • Transparency:  Openness and honesty.
  • Education:  Of franchisors brand and the business sale process.
  • Communication:  Efficiently amongst all parties involved.
  • Simplicity:  Strive to create user-friendly application.
  • Quality:  Exceed expectations in everything we do.
  • Innovation:  Continuous improvement.