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Excellent company. Very pleased with every aspect. They have a system in place and it works. I would highly recommend franchise clearly to sell your business. You can't go wrong.

- Kent Hart
The UPS Store MCO Franchisee

I had a great experience with everyone at the Franchise Clearly team! They helped every step of the way and communicating was quick and efficient to get the deal done! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a franchise

- Jigar Patel
Buyer For The UPS Store Franchisee

Franchise Clearly team were "clearly" the best choice of professionals to handle the sale of my The UPS Store. The team provided accurate information, performed in sync with myself and the buyer as well as the corporate office. It was a real pleasure to work with them.

- Linda Bernstein
The UPS Store Franchisee

Jon and his team are the kindest, most hard working people I have ever worked with. They were very responsive to calls, emails and text messages. They made me feel like there were no dumb questions and that I was never a bother. They made the selling process seem easy. Thank you for helping me through the process with ease. There is not a single thing that I could say needs improvement. Well done!

- Tara Knorr
The UPS Store Franchisee

Jon, Charles & Brandt were excellent to work with. All were very personable and professional. Really helped with the various issues of working with the franchisor and getting all the closing documents completed. I would highly recommend Franchise Clearly!

- John Kirhofer
The UPS Store Franchisee

We had owned a UPS Store for several years. We decided to take our business interests in a different direction and posted our store for sale with corporate UPS. After a year, we had been provided one potential buyer. Another store in our area had recently sold and I contacted their manager and ask who they had used during the sale. I was told they had used Franchise Clearly and provided me with their number. I contacted their manager, Mr. Jon Franz. He provided us a buyer in eight days. The sale progressed through the steps and we had a successful close a few months later. Not only a successful sale, but we made a great friend in Jon and his staff. I wish we had known about Franchise Clearly a year sooner!!

- Jim Jolliff
The UPS Store Franchisee

I am happy with my experience with Franchise Clearly. Jon, Charles and the rest of the staff were professional and helpful. They found qualified leads and helped me with all the legal contracts, etc. Jon truly cares about making sure you are happy as a seller and getting what you want for your business. I would recommend Franchise Clearly to anyone looking to sell their business. Thank you Jon, Charles and staff!!!

- Heather Draschil
The UPS Store Franchisee

Jon, Charles & Brandt were a pleasure to work with! They sold 2 of my Ups Stores for me and gave me a professional breakdown of what my store could sell for in both cases! They weren't pushy and the decision what to list it for was all mine! I had 2 offers on the table within a week of listing with them! Thanks again for your professionalism!

- Jason Willette
The UPS Store MCO Franchisee

Jon and his Team at Franchise Clearly are consummate professionals and a class act. Best experience I’ve ever had selling a commercial property. Highly recommend you get in touch with them if you are considering selling or buying a franchise business!

- Barry Schillings
The UPS Store MCO Franchisee

Franchise Clearly was terrific to work with from the very first contact all the way to the close of the sale of my The UPS Store. Franchisors can be challenging to work with (understatement!), but Franchise Clearly helped me navigate the process of selling my store with patience, understanding, and a team that really wanted to get to the finish line! Worth every penny!

- Alison Hall
The UPS Store Franchisee

This is one well run organization. From the moment I first reached out to begin the journey of selling my franchise, the communication stream between me and the Franchise Clearly team astonished me. Not only is there a specialist on staff to handle any hiccup that may arise during the decidedly unique process of selling a franchise, I found that there was nothing that “surprised" these guys; They had "been there and done that”. I found this to be extremely comforting during a very stressful life transition. One of the most daunting challenges for me was establishing a fair market value for my business. Utilizing Franchise Clearly‘s national experience allowed me and the team there to reach an asking price that was not only attractive to potential buyers but to me as well. In fact, my business ultimately sold for only a fraction less than our original asking price. Both the buyer and myself felt that we got a fair deal and this removed many of the buyer/seller stresses that often occur with these transactions. In fact, the buyer of my business and I maintain an amicable relationship to this day. I know this is a wordy review but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Franchise Clearly’s wonderful website. They set up a private page just for you where you can see anyone who has shown any interest in your business and you can follow the pre-qualification process - Franchise Clearly does this for you - which ensures you are never bothered with "tire kickers" or “dreamers". When Franchise Clearly presents a buyer to you, you know it’s worth your while to proceed. Simply said, if I were to sell another franchise in the future Franchise Clearly would absolutely be my very first phone call. Thanks guys!

- Kevin Labonville
The UPS Store franchisee

I wish when I purchased my UPS Store years ago that someone would have told me to plan ahead for a sale. I had a plan for the business but did not have an exit strategy. I wished going in I had an exit plan so I would have been in a fine position when it was my turn to find a buyer. To those sellers who are interested in selling their business without an advisor, I would say “Do NOT do it!”. No buyer actually believed the money the store made when I presented them the data. Franchise Clearly was able to deliver to buyers the recast numbers and help make sense of it all. Also, I wouldn’t want to screen all the buyers myself and try to keep it confidential from my staff. Franchise Clearly was able to successfully do all of that for me.

- Steve Thrasher
The UPS Store, Pensacola, FL

A big thanks to Franchise Clearly for helping me sell my UPS Store. Jon Franz and Charles Helms are exceptional professionals and truely became friends during the process. From the time we listed, through to the day we closed, they were always available to provide counsel, listen to my concerns and be a firm, positive advocate for me. It was a pleasure doing business with them. The Franchise Clearly system made the process very easy but their people make it happen. I don't hesitate giving Franchise Clearly a five star rating and recommending them to anyone considering selling their franchise." Bruce Temby, The UPS Store franchisee

Bruce Temby
The UPS Store franchisee

Franchise Cleary helped me maximize the value of my business and advised me throughout the complex selling process during COVID-19 pandemic. I was happy to have an honest and knowledgeable advocate in my corner and always made time to return my calls. Band Of Brothers Investment Group would use Franchise Clearly again.

Dearonne Bethea
Multi-Unit Anytime Fitness Owner

I would definitely recommend hiring Franchise Clearly. It’s worth every penny and made my life so easy. Franchise Clearly has every aspect of the transaction covered including highly skilled negotiators.

Thank you again,
- Luke Bercea
Anytime Fitness

My experience with Franchise Clearly was exceptional. Jon Franz's team does an outstanding job helping both buyer and seller navigate the process with as little hassle as possible. I could always bank on prompt follow up and straightforward answers. John Sherry and Brant DeLongy were both highly informative and helpful from start to finish. Jon Franz's even-keeled demeanor was always a breath of fresh air and highly beneficial when nerves got frayed. No hesitation,whatsoever, in recommending the team at Franchise Clearly!

- Rod Millett
Anytime Fitness Clayton

I wanted to thank Franchise Clearly for helping buy my first Anytime Fitness and selling two of my Anytime Fitness locations. They really have the process down to a science. The great thing is they already have a pool of qualified buyers in their process and you best believe the Business brokers are on their A game! I worked directly with John and Charles and they were absolutely great and always did what they said they were going to do. I got top dollar for both Anytime Clubs and would recommend Franchise Clearly to help sell or buy a business.

– Blane Britton
Anytime Fitness O2i

Jon (and the team at Franchise Clearly),

Thanks for working with us on the sale of our 20 locations. Even though the process was long and sometimes challenging, you provided unbelievable support and guidance. You helped us determine an excellent value for our business and really delivered on what you said that you were going to do. I was particularly impressed at the quality of the buyers that you brought to us. Inevitably, this allowed us to choose the right person to take over our 15-year legacy of Anytime Fitness operations. You seemed to be the perfect mix of business broker, financial analyst and therapist at times. You earned every penny of your fee. Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you in your future work with Anytime Fitness franchisees.

– John Spence

I purchased an Anytime Fitness location using Franchise Clearly. I have to say from the initial discovery phase all the way to closing day every member of this team provided me a huge helping hand in securing the deal. In any business purchase, especially dealing with a SBA loan, you always feel like the deal could fall through at any moment. Franchise Clearly and all of their staff were always there to provide that reassurance that the deal would go through. When it came to time spent on the deal and cost there were no back and forth with a team of attorneys and this meant this saved on costs and time. After being part of several business acquisitions in my corporate career this was the easiest one to accomplish. I would do business with this skilled team again in a heartbeat and would recommend anyone considering selling their franchise to at least have a conversation with this team.

Casey H. Walters

As the dust is settling from the multi-million dollar sale of my 6 personal Anytime Fitness clubs…I wanted to reach out to you and personally thank you, and your company for helping me sell my lucrative business in a way that allowed myself, my partners, my staff, my members and the new owner of the business to transition well.

Over the last 8.5 years, growing my business was all that mattered, and when it came time to list and sell my LIFE’s work, you handled this matter with candor and never once made me feel pressured. In fact, because of how you handled it, I would gladly refer you.

You, and your team, made this deal happen. The number we listed for versus the number we sold for was so remarkably close. Full transparency, you got me more money than if I were to list with another company. I REALLY want to re-iterate that the ANONYMOUS way you went about listing and selling all of my clubs was worth EVERY PENNY of your commission. I am so happy I was referred to you by “former franchisee", and I look forward to building and growing a new business with a new team, and having you list and sell them a few years down the road. By my calculation, we received more than a 4x multiplier on our internal EBITDA numbers, and from the information I gather with other franchisees, that is almost unheard of.

I look forward to working with you in the very near future, and I will continue to refer my friends to you as well!

Wishing you all the best,
Alex LaVallee
Multiple Club Operator
Anytime Fitness - North East

Jon Franz and Franchise Clearly came highly recommended by another Anytime Fitness franchisee who had used the firm to sell his club in Florida.

I retained Franchise Clearly to list my three Anytime Fitness clubs in the greater Savannah area. After approximately nine months we received an offer for the full listing price and we closed the sale two months later, Jon and his associates handled the entire process from appraising the business, finding the buyer, negotiating the terms, working with the buyer's bank and eventually coordinating the closing. Confidentiality was maintained throughout the sale process. I would highly recommend Franchise Clearly to anyone hoping to sell their business.

Sincerely yours,
David J. Fashingbauer

It began as a simple email request for more information on a business that was listed for sale on the Franchise Clearly website. Charles Helms responded promptly and courteously and from there the relationship began. Charles was an outstanding partner from beginning to end and extremely patient with me as we navigated through all of the financials and the back and forth of buying a business. He did an excellent job of managing both sides of the table and made sure that all information request were followed up with on a timely and accurate basis. His professionalism and constant follow up made me feel highly valued and reassured me that I had made the right choice by reaching out to Franchise Clearly. Jon Franz was also fantastic to work with and as he shared his wealth of knowledge and experience to transaction to help make the process go smoothly. Both gentlemen were available day or night and were extremely diligent as to ensure that all timelines were met and all parties were satisfied. Jon has built a great company that values world class customer service and I could not have been more satisfied with my buying experience. Having people on his team like Charles make Franchise Clearly a great choice to help you buy or sell your business! I would without any hesitation highly recommend Jon and Charles and the Franchise Clearly team for all of your business buying or selling needs.

Thank you!
Stephen Howe
Anytime Fitness
Multi-Unit Owner/Operator

Jon Franz from Franchise Clearly contacted me after I had listed my four anytime fitness gyms for sale on biz/buy/sell, to convince me to take the listing down and list with his company. I am happy to report that I did just that and it was a great decision in the end. The selling process is much more difficult these days after regulations have increased so much coming out of the recession. Thankfully Jon and his team were still able to get us from listing to close inside three months. The buyer had to secure financing, we had to assign four separate leases, navigate the Anytime Fitness Legal department and of course execute a purchase agreement and later numerous closing documents for the bank to approve financing. Buyers and sellers, I can tell you, you will struggle pulling off a transaction without having help from a reliable and trustworthy broker that works through midnight seven days a week. Jon is very successful and skilled at getting around road-blocks and over hurdles that arise almost daily through the process.

Anytime Fitness Multi-Unit Franchisee

Franchise Clearly was fantastic. They made the process much easier in terms of finding out all the necessary information for a business purchase and organizing it for me. They guided me along the way with additional questions and information. It saved a lot of hassle when it came to the bank loan, as well. The business I acquired was pre-approved! Overall, I would highly recommend using them for a business purchase.

All the best,
Jason Opel

Simply put, Jon Franz and Franchise Clearly are the best in the business.

Their proprietary system for properly valuing companies, finding the highest quality buyers, and closing the sale are like no one else.

I truly believe Franchise Clearly is the only sales organization that can achieve a company sale for the highest dollar amount.

It makes a seller rest easy knowing they are dealing with the best, and I couldn't imagine using any other company.

Russ Allen
Anytime Fitness
Multi-Unit Operator

Just wanted to write you a quick thank you for all the hard work you have put into my projects. I have learned so much from you and your processes. Not only did you get me a much higher price on each business but it also covered your cost and then some. What I have learned from you has made me millions. I will continue to refer all my professional colleagues to you. I think that one of the biggest things you did for me and my company was to be able to sell it without the public knowing about it. In my industry that is huge. I know I wasn't the easiest client as I like to micro manage everything, but you really kept me grounded emotionally during the ups and downs of the deals. I hope you really realize how much this process has changed my family's life. Thank You Again!!!

Brian E. Murray

We were upside down in our business and had zero success listing the business with local brokers over a five year period. Desperate to end the financial bleeding I took a recommendation from fellow franchisee and reached out to Jon Franz with Franchise Clearly. Our business is located in Lincoln, NE and with Jon being located in Florida I was very skeptical. However, after reviewing our past history I took a blind leap of faith and entered into an agreement with Jon and Franchise Clearly.

As I look back on it now it was clearly one of the best business decisions I have made. To this day I could not pick Jon Franz out of a line up as I have never met him in person but there is no doubt Jon was the perfect solution for us. Jon was successful in identifying several potential "qualified" candidates and in the end he was able to connect us with a buyer. When we began our conversations I thought there was no way we would be able to sell the business without taking a loss but Jon came through with a profitable transaction.

Andy Reetz
Former President
Back Yard Burgers of Nebraska, Inc

I want to thank you for all your help and guidance with our Anytime Fitness club sale. We are very happy with the outcome. The club sold for more than we were asking and closed before the end of the year. Everything you said held true. That is hard to find these days. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is looking to sell their business or health club. Feel free to use me as a reference Anytime :)

Larry Farrell

Jon Franz and Franchise Clearly did exactly what we needed him to do, and did it in a tough market. He found several potential buyers for our club, and made it easy for us and the eventual buyer. I think they would agree that all parties came out happy, in large part due to Jon being informed, available, and willing to work with each side to get them in the best situation possible.

Nick Berry, Anytime Fitness Franchisee
Owensboro, KY

You did a nice job of getting my transfer fee covered by the buyer and also sticking to our top line price when the buyer was negotiating with the landlord. I am very satisfied that I received a fair settlement and that you did all that you could in the negotiation process to get the full price.

Ash Brooks, Anytime Fitness Franchisee
Orange Park, FL

This franchise resale was listed on the market for 6 months with a local business brokerage. The local broker informed seller their business was not salable. Through our vast network we reached a buyer that made a full price offer and closed within 3 months from list date. At the end of the day, the buyers were able to renegotiate a new lease with better price and terms. Landlord reduced the rents and even provided a large amount of funds for advertising purposes.

Franchise Clearly saved us time and reduced headaches: in past transactions, it was like pulling teeth trying to get the necessary information from sellers. Franchise Clearly provided all the pertinent information at our fingertips utilizing their online system and we knew within hours if it was worth our time to make the 12-hour trip to visit the fitness center.

Richard Boudreaux, Anytime Fitness (Multi-Unit Franchisee)
Sarasota, FL

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