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Why Choose Franchise Clearly?

  • More buyers.
  • Higher selling prices.
  • Better terms.
  • Shorter time.
  • Sell confidentially.

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Maricopa County, AZ

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Allegheny County, PA

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What Our Clients Say

Maximized The Value of My Business

Franchise Cleary helped me maximize the value of my business and advised me throughout the complex selling process during COVID-19 pandemic. I was happy to have an honest and knowledgeable advocate in my corner and always made time to return my calls. Band Of Brothers Investment Group would use Franchise Clearly again

Helped With My Exit Strategy

I wish when I purchased my store years ago that someone would have told me to plan ahead for a sale. I had a plan for the business but did not have an exit strategy. I wished going in I had an exit plan so I would have been in a fine position when it was my turn to find a buyer. To those sellers who are interested in selling their business without an advisor, I would say “Do NOT do it!”. No buyer actually believed the money the store made when I presented them the data. Franchise Clearly was able to deliver to buyers the recast numbers and help make sense of it all. Also, I wouldn’t want to screen all the buyers myself and try to keep it confidential from my staff. Franchise Clearly was able to successfully do all of that for me.

Highly Skilled Negotiators

I would definitely recommend hiring Franchise Clearly. It’s worth every penny and made my life so easy. Franchise Clearly has every aspect of the transaction covered including highly skilled negotiators.

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